Date: February 26th 2017

From/To: Jacksonville FL

Distance: –

The ride into Jacksonville provided plenty of entertainment. From the northeast, I made my way through New York City, to Philadelphia, to Washington DC, among other places. By the time we hit Richmond Virginia I managed to catch some needed sleep, however it lasted no longer than three hours. Regardless, I was moving closer and closer to my starting destination. I know falling asleep will not be an issue soon.

I arrived around 10:00 in Jacksonville FL. I assembled the bike, and took a cab to Jacksonville Beach when I realized it was +20 miles away (NOT CHEATING because I start tomorrow). When I arrived, mom and Aunt Tracy had already flown in and we met up that afternoon. An event planner I was put in touch with, Jennifer Otero, put on a fantastic Ride4Parkinsons kickoff event from 2-5 at Lynch’s Irish Pub. It was nice to meet some locals and build some support at the starting line. For dinner we went to a delicious sea food dinner around the beach. We made our way back to the hotel and called it a night soon after. Tomorrow is the start of my 4000-mile trek, I need as much rest as possible.

Body Measurements Inches
Neck 16
Right Bicep 14.5
Shoulders 51.5
Waist 38.5
Hips 41
Mid-Thigh 25
Right Calf 16

Table 1: Body measurements taken on February 26th 2017. Who knows where those numbers will lie in a few months. I’ll be taking bets at any point until the next measurement in May.

I’m sure tomorrow will have quite a story. Please check back then to find out!

Enjoy The Ride,